Visiting 901

I have had a crazy few weeks that was capped off with a trip to Memphis. I can’t tell you all enough what a wonderful trip it was. I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the last bit of this YAV year.
I am so glad I got to go back to Memphis. Megan graduated (yesterday actually) and Alexander was there for an internship so last weekend seemed like the best time to go visit. Megan, kindly enough,  let me stay in her guest room. 
Highlights of the weekend:

Thursday, rolling up to Megan's apartment and knowing three things. One, I was about to see one of my closest friends. Two, I was about to see one of my other closest friends (and boyfriend! Alexander gets to be both). Three, Huey's hot wings and red wine were waiting for me to consume them. Winning all around!

Friday, spending time learning about birds with Megan and Jackson. Also, going to Memphis in May Music Festival and watching Fitz and the Tantrums with Margaux, Jessie and Imad (Margaux's dad). Imad wanted to get good spots, so we had a great view of the band. If only Virginia had been able to come, than EVB would have been completely reunited. 3 out of 4 isn't so bad. Also, Margaux is blonde now! Talk about a highlight (haha, get it? highlight? like her hair?)

Saturday, Alexander and I went to the Levitt Shell to watch the Grizz game (they lost, womp womp). I also got to visit with some other friends, like Maddie and Meera and Lappy. Also I took a two hour nap. That was particularly amazing.

Sunday, Megan, Alexander, Jackson and I all made breakfast together. We ate some yummy food and I may have busted out the Dixie Chicks at one point. The judgements were minimal, so all three of them get gold stars. Also, Alexander and I had a picnic by the might Mississippi. I had a great time decompressing and spending time with people who I really care about.

Monday, I saw Alexander off (he had to work). Then Megan and I walked to little Cafe eclectic. Did I mention I love spending time with Megan? She is on a very short list of people who have somehow managed to get me. And I think a lot of the time I get her. So it works pretty great for both of us. After lots of hugs and saying goodbye about a million times I hit the road to head back to New Orleans.

Here are some pictures to prove it:

Watching the Memphis Grizzlies play off game at the Levitt Shell

My favorite food item, chicken bbq nachos on central chips with jalapeños
Alexander and I went on a picnic by the Mississippi River

Oh man, what a great architectural marker for the city. I love seeing that bridge on the horizon



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