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Amy Kates

I realized this morning that it's been almost six months since I've updated this thing.

I can blame it on being busy (which would be true),
I could say it's because I have to do all this writing for school so I don't have the brain power for anything else (which is also true).

But I don't think that's why I haven't been writing. Or at least, not the main reason I haven't been writing.

This summer was, without a doubt, the worst summer of my life.

Which really sucks because I did some really amazing, fulfilling things this summer. I interned at an awesome church all summer, an internship that transformed my views on congregational ministry. I got to be the director for Junior High Jubilee out at Mo Ranch, a conference that I have been involved with for the last seven years. I got to spend time with my family. For a few fleeting weeks, I exercised regularly and ate well and actually lost some weight.

Those were all amazing, wonderful parts of my summer. I…

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