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Once upon a time, about three weeks ago, I went on a seminary travel seminar to Cuba. I swore up and down that, within a week of returning I would write a blog post about my adventures and now it's April 2nd so clearly all the swearing in the world didn't make this blog post happen sooner.

So I went to Cuba and I did a lot of amazing things and even now, two full weeks out from the trip, I'm still trying to process what I saw and what I learned and what it means to me as I follow God's call to ministry. Generally, we split our time between Havana and Matanzas. In Havana, we stayed at a hotel, in Matanzas we stayed in housing at the ecumenical seminary. During the day we did a lot of things and here's a list:

-bible study with a church in Los Palos
-Bible study with Ebenezer Baptist Church in Havana
-Day trip to Varadero beach as well as Varadero presbyterian church AND Juan G. Hall Presbyterian Church
-Visit with Dra. Ofelia Ortega
-Visit with Mission Co-Workers Da…

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