Crawfish for Days

Last weekend Lakeview Presbyterian Church had their annual crawfish boil. It was a blast. The YAVs all went to set up in the morning, I think just about every piece of furniture in the church was put out on the lawn with the playground so people would have lots of places to sit and enjoy crawfish and live music. There was lots of tent building, chair moving and we even filled up a canoe with ice where they kept all the drinks.

After a sweaty morning, we all got a chance to go to home for a little down time. I didn’t both with a shower, knowing that I would be out in the sun all afternoon.

Once the boil actually started, all of us YAVs helped serve lots of different things. There was crawfish, corn and potatoes (of course!), drinks, a grill and desserts. There was also great live music throughout the afternoon and into the evening. I had so much fun spending time with the congregation I work with, helping raise money for a great mission (all ticket sales went to Program of Hope, the homeless ministry at 1st Presbyterian Church, New Orleans).  Below are a TON of pictures, I hope you enjoy them! Maybe next year some of you all can come and spend a day stuffing your face and having a great time.
Sam and his crawfish friend

Colleen and Kalyn

I loooove me some crawfish

Alyssa also loves crawfish

Colleen doesn't actually eat crawfish, but she likes to play with them. 

Thankfully there were some veggies for Colleen to munch on.

Face shot

Me and Valentina!

Barrett, the pastor at Lakeview and his younger son Tucker.

Tucker takes his music listening very seriously.

Me and Emily taking a selfie

A view of the events.

This is me and my host mom, Amy, manning the dessert station.

Emily, Alyssa, Valentina

Colleen and Anna Leigh serving up some crawfish.

Crawfish for days

Barrett's other son, Cole, enjoying some mud around the playground.

Last but not least, Phoebe, one of the girls at Lakeview that I work with every Sunday.



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