I swear, I'm going to write up an awesome post tomorrow. For now, pictures! This is especially for those of you that don't do the facebook thing (shout out to my parents!):

(Zephry's game)

(my mentor family's cat, Rosie)

(this is not normal, these trees should be thriving, however because
 oil companies are coming in and messing with the Louisiana wetlands,
 all the soil is being poisoned by salt water *steps off soap box*)

(that's a power line that used to be on land, see what I mean about 
seriously destructive things going on down in the wetlands?)

(Panorama of the Louisiana Bayou)

(big storm rolling in during our tour of the bayou)

(awesome swing band playing down on frenchmens st.)

That's all you get for tonight. Stay tuned, more interesting things to come tomorrow!


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