Good news, this blog should be a little bit lighter than the last one. The next two weeks are going to be crazy busy for me. This weekend I am going home to attend Wes's memorial service at my school. While it is a somber occasion, I'm excited to go spend time with my family. We're even having our yearly September dinner (my mom and I are both September babies, and our really good family friends daughters are also September babies). I also think my mom is excited to have all her chicks back in one place for a weekend. I am lucky to have a very close family, when something tragic happens to someone you know, you tend to pull the people you love tight against you. 

I get back Monday evening, than on Friday of next week I fly out again to go to a wedding in Pennsylvania. My boyfriend's sister is getting married and I can't wait for the festivities to begin! It's going to be a blast and I get free cable for a whole weekend. The fact that I'm excited about that probably means I'm still nine years old. Whatever.

As for last week, Friday I went on a bayou tour with the Project Homecoming YAVs and AmeriCorp members. We all met at headquarters and than drove together. Not only did I get to see an alligator that was about 12 ft. long, I also got to hold a little baby gater!

Take 1, the gator was being a little jerk and thrashing all over the place. What a jerk
Take 2, I finally got her to calm down. Yes, that little critter is a she and she was just afraid I was going to drop her apparently.

This is an abandon shed. Well maybe not so abandon, a rather large raccoon came out for the free marshmallows. 

This is one of my housemates, Alyssa. She really got along with Prada (that's what I decided to call the gater).

The tour was great, we had a Cajun guide who explained to us gater huntin' season (basically the month of September), what makes an alligator skin valuable as well as what other creatures live in the bayou. He told us stories about this cemetery that has been hidden back int he property since the late 1800s. Oh and apparently there was a voodoo lady who predicated this huge flood in the early 1900s and even  predicated which people would die. He also fed some of the resident alligators chicken bits and marshmallows. They seemed to enjoy that.

Sunday was an eventful day at Lakeview. I did the children's sermon, which I wrote! I'm afraid all the kids got out of it was the pray for Drew Brees, but hey! At least they're praying. Gotta start somewhere right?

This week at Project Homecoming I've been learning lots of great things, like all the ins and outs and important details that help with marketing. Seriously, SO MUCH LEARNING. It's great. I'm also using Adobe Illustrator which, thankfully, isn't too far off from photoshop. Looks like all those photography classes are paying off! We also celebrated a birthday this week in the office.

Our Finance Director, Jim, delivering the cake to...

Kevin, the Operations Director. Kevin's been on staff about as long as Project Homecoming has been in existence.

Finally, my last picture for this post,

Alexander got an iPhone! Now I can send him annoying emojis and he can send me awesome pictures like this one! Looking a little scruffy, dear.

I'm sure I'll be back with lots of stories next week. I'm going to bed, I have a flight to catch tomorrow!


  1. You named the gator PRADA? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Alex that is terrible and perfect and hilarious and I love it. :*

  2. I'M FAMOUS! I'M ON YOUR BLOG! loved reading your posts...keep it up! also, that picture of alexander made me want to meet him even more haha.


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