I did a thing.

Rather I got a thing. And by a thing I mean a cat.

So here's the deal, I've really wanted a dog for years now. There was a time when I posted puppy pictures to my facebook page in the hopes that one would get dropped off at my door so I couldn't say no.

But the reality is, I live in a small apartment. I am a student, supposedly I am studying all the time. And yeah, I actually do study a lot. When I'm not studying I'm doing stuff with UPC UKIRK, or doing something on campus or spending time with friends. So I came to the conclusion that maybe now is not the best time for a dog. It is definitely not the best time for the kind of dog that I want (big, furry).

That being said, it does get pretty quiet in the apartment now that I live all alone. And I did really love having Cricket (Valentina's cat) around last year. So after some consideration I decided maybe a cat would make a good companion. It didn't hurt that Austin Pets Alive! was having their annual Austin Kitty Limits sale (all cats only $20!). So Friday, before I could talk myself out of it, I went to Petco and bought a bunch of cat supplies. Saturday I went to the shelter and I met Stella and now I am literally never alone because I some how managed to adopt the most needy, doglike, cat available.

We are still working on the whole letting me sleep at night thing, but as someone who had some reservations about adopting a cat, Stella is pretty awesome. I know everyone says that about their cat, but I'm serious! She's really friendly, sometimes annoyingly so. She's not afraid of strangers and she lets me trim her nails. She always wants to be in my lap and she snores in her sleep.

I guess she's decided to adopt me.


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