Summer 2016, Or the Time I Decided to Travel for a Month Straight

So, I am really tired. And I should write something really awesome about all of my experiences but my brain is fried. I will try my hardest, but expect a lot of pictures.

Mo Ranch JHJ

First stop on the grand summer tour of 2016, Mo Ranch Conference Center. For some reason some crazy people thought it would be a good idea to put me in charge of Junior HIgh Jubilee in 2017, so I was out there for two weeks this summer serving as the assistant director. Emily (Stern) Cox, was the director this summer and she knows what she's doing. Emily and I have known each other since 2009, when we were on the youth planning team at Synod Youth Workshop, and it's been great getting to work with her again. Mo Ranch is a special place for me, just check out this blog about Mo Ranch or this one about Mo Ranch.


Down by the river

Mo Ranch Chapel

Next summer we are running things, so buckle up

Those Texas sunsets get me every time

River living

Just look at this chicken!

Chapel on the hill

Emily, Kim and I spent the second week holed up in Pilot House and I wouldn't have
wanted to spend that time with anyone else. I am so blessed to
have these amazing, smart, talented women in my life.

Breckenridge, CO
The next stop was Breckenridge, CO for Katie's bachelorette party. My flight was painfully early, but, I really enjoyed the having a few days of down time with good friends. Also, it was great to escape the Texas heat for a few days. We did lots of nature things which, maybe isn't my forte but was still nice! I can't wait for Katie's wedding in October in Vail.

Bride to be in all her glory

5 out of 8 bridesmaids approve of this picture

Red Rock Amphitheatre

Red Rock pt. 2

Because it's not a bachelorette party without themed koozies

Hammocks always and forever



So much nature!

Kirby my reluctant dog friend

Poppy season in CO

We didn't drive across the bridge and I'm kind of happy about that

Synod Youth Workshop 2016

My last stop on this crazy train was Synod Youth Workshop. This was my first as a solo small group leader and I think it went pretty well! I attended SYW as a youth and I'm glad I get to attend and serve in a different capacity. Synod Youth Workshop is one of the most rewarding conference I attended as a youth and also I helped facilitate as an adult. It's so incredibly unique because you get there and then you spend your week with your small group and you get to know these youth from all around that you wouldn't have met otherwise.

That being said, it's a HARD conference. It's hard because the schedule is packed from dawn to dusk and it's hard because, as an adult, you have to let go of your ego. A lot of youth leaders and adults have reservations because "I don't get to spend time with my youth during the week". But guess what, the conference isn't about YOU and YOUR youth. It's about being present. Also, guess what, just because they don't go to your church doesn't mean they aren't your youth. I would hope that you could recognize that your ministry can extend past your own church doors, past the faces that you see every Sunday (or every other Sunday, or only at Christmas and Easter). And I would hope that you would recognize that sometimes you're not the one that will connect with one of your youth, sometimes it's someone they meet at a conference like Synod Youth Workshop. We are the greater church and Synod helps youth realize that being a part of the church is so much more than who they see in their congregation. So yeah, you have to leave your ego at the door. If you're willing to do that, I guarantee you will have a transformative experience. 

The University of Tulsa Golden Toilet

My room theme was Christmas in July

"Merry Christmas"

Fart guns are necessary for breaking the tension

Small group 6 packing medical supplies at Blessings International

J Tucker and I helped label 14,000 inhalers

Group 13 and Group 6 at Blessings International

It's been a great summer! Still not processing the whole leaving New Orleans thing. I am sure I will if I ever take a moment for myself. Until then, I'll keep my head buried in the sand.



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