Auburn (orange and) Blues

I realize it's been about a month since the last blog update. Thing have been equally busy and unremarkable. It's kind of a weird combination. There have been a couple of exciting weekend sprinkled in since Peru (mainly a visit to Megan in Auburn), but mostly I've just been busy working, babysitting and ceramic-ing here in Nola.

Auburn was a blast. I got to spend time with one of the best people on the planet. We did adult things like go on hikes, take Heidi for walks and drink coffee while talking about politics. We also did some not as much adult things like go see the Jungle Book (although I would argue the new version is actually better suited for adults than for kids) and explore the thriving night life of Auburn (ha! It's nice to go to some of those places when you're in your mid 20s because you so seriously don't care what anyone thinks, you should all try it sometime) and all of it was fun. Also, I'm pretty sure Megan and I were in conversation for 6 hours straight on Friday. I love Megan so much and I love spending time with her dog almost as much as I love spending time with her. I got to meet her closest friend in Auburn and man, Megan has good taste in friends (not that I'm biased or anything). Also, her boyfriend Jackson magically found some chocolate for me at about 2 AM post Auburn night life. He's clearly a winner.

Here's a blog I wrote back in the fall about how awesome Megan is and why we are such good friends. If you want the full "When we first met" story, you'll have to ask in person.

I can tell you all that I was a little more sad than normal driving away from Auburn last Sunday. Once I move from New Orleans I will no longer be a weekend's roadtrip from Megan. For the last 7 years Megan has been a hop, skip and a jump away, but with my move to Austin things will be a little bit more complicated. Jackson will be finishing his master's in December and then they will be moving again. Maybe closer to Texas? I doubt it, but a girl can dream.

We caught a toad on our hike

Hiking with the best

Heidi selife, because duh

One last #heidigram


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