Mardi Pardi

Somehow I have managed to survive another Mardi Gras. I know what you're all thinking: boobs, beer and beads. Those things are synonymous with Mardi Gras for anyone who's never actually been to it. Since I have now lived through three of them I can comfortably reassure you that is not the case. Mardi Gras is a great season of celebration in the city of New Orleans. People of all ages drop everything for about 5 days to enjoy the carnival season.

This year I got to share my Mardi Gras with Becca, which was awesome. I have a plethora of people promise to come visit me, and very few follow through. Listen, I get it, everyone has this little thing called life going on, so when someone makes the time to come visit me I really appreciate it. This may have been Becca's first Mardi Gras but (and I'm sure her mom would be proud) she more than held her own. Not only did she do a phenomenal job of boxing out these annoying middle aged women that jumped in front of us right before Muses, she had the 'make eye contact, get a throw' down to an art. I mean, she got a throw from SOLANGE KNOWLES (also known as beyonce's sister), she knows what she's doing. Also she's just generally great company, even when it's windy and 40 degrees outside.

Obviously I wouldn't have been able to manage my Mardi Gras without my original MG PIC, Valentina. Who else would convince me to buy a green wig? Between trips to Walmart for supplies, glittering tennis shoes and (again) boxing out irritating Tulane students, it was a good season.

I think what I love about Mardi Gras and about New Orleans in general, is how you run into so many people you know. Or you run into people you don't know and then they become your friend. For instance, the weekend before the big parades we made friends with this awesome woman named Aunt Jennie. We traded food and drinks and parade secrets  AND we managed to find her last Saturday to visit for a bit. I also ran into a friend from Rhodes, one of my sorority littles, because she decided to come to New Orleans at the last minute. Funnily enough, I live in the same building as my other little (she just moved in, welcome to the neighborhood Sophie!), so all sorts of Chi O connections were happening this past weekend. Of course I also got to visit with the Kates, Amy and Maggie both had birthdays during parade nights, which meant even more celebrations.

Here are some pics, time for a brief recovery before I head to Austin to visit some friends for a bit. And return Becca's rain boots...





Happy Lent everyone!



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