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I spend a lot of time driving. Because of my job flexibilty I am able to travel so I've been doing that a lot. Recently I've been heading in and out of Austin a fair amount. That's an 8 hour drive there, 8 hours back. In order to leep me occupied while I drive up and down I-10 I listen to a totally aweome spectrum of podcasts.

Here's what I'm listening to right now:

Stuff You Should Know- The podcast, released every Tuesday and Thursday, educates listeners on a wide variety of topics. I most recently listened to one about Lizzie Borden, and the one before that was about the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special.

Serial- Exploring a nonfiction story over multiple episodes. Episodes cary in length and are avaiable weekly. This season is all about Bowe Bergdahl. Last season I got my dad to listen to it and would  heck in and see what he thought about the case presented about Adnan Syed. I thin half of my entertainment came from the grumpy comments from Tom about how none of this would have happened if he'd, "had a better lawyer."

This American Life- An American weekly hour-long radio porgram prodcued by WBEZ and hosted by Ira Glass. Primarily a journalistic non-fiction program, it has also freatured essays, memoirs, field recordings, short fiction and found fottage. Because of this most recent podocast I spent the first hour I was at work watching videos of turkey fyer explosions and I am a better person for it.

You Must Remember This- The secret and/or forgetting history of the first century of Hollywood.The most recent set of podcasts is all about the insane move machine, MGM. I learned all about David O. Selznick, the main producer on Gone with the Wind.

Death, Sex & Money
- This is a podcast about the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation.They did a series of podcasts based in New Orleans including local hero, Big Freedia and the woman that started Diva Demolition.

Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period-  Comedians W. Kamau Bell andKevin Avery are absolutely certain of one thing: Denzel Washington is the greatest actor of all time.And every week they prove it as they talk Denzel with their guests, share the latest "Denzel News" and review every Denzel movie in alphabetical order (mostly). I love W. Kamau Bell so anything he's doing I will happily listen to.

Dear Sugar- My friend's mom gave me a copy of Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things and it was amazing. Strayed is honest, thoughtful and not put on. When I found out she had a podcast I naturally started listening. Most recently they did a show just on being home for the holidays and how to deal with it. And it was awesome.

Fresh Air- Terry Gross is a great interviewer . I will admit, it's easy to get lost in the weeds with this show. There are about a billion options, BUT if you take your time you will find some that will really interest you. I recently listened to on called The Birth of the Pill. I learned so many things! Also, there's an interview with Louis C.K, also great because he's great.

Invisibilia- This is about the invisible forces that control human behavior-- ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. They did this super cool episode called How to Become Batman (just scroll down a bit).  The episode is all about this guy that is blind and how he's managed to basically live like a person with 20/20 vision including (but not limited to) riding his bike around the city. You'll have to listen to learn how he has managed his independence despite his disability.

Happy listening!



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