Megan Turns 25, Partay Insues

Ya'll, I just got back form a great weekend in Auburn. So my very dear friend, Megan (who I'm sure I've talked about in this blog before), had a birthday on Friday. I came into Auburn, along  with Stu and Sarah who also graduated from Rhodes and Big Fat Bob, to celebrate with her and it was the best weekend ever.

Stu, Megan, Sarah and (of course) Heidi

Bob, Stu and Sarah doing some rock sitting

For those of you who don't know Megan, let's take a brief walk down memory lane...

Summer before freshman year at Rhodes Megan and I ended up in the same orientation group. We actually barely talked the whole weekend. Flash forward to over a YEAR later and we happen to be living across the hall from each other. Maybe it was proximity, I like to think it was fate, she and I started visiting each other and things just kind of took off from there.

Here's the thing, Megan is great for a couple of reasons. First, she took care of me more times than I can count and in more ways than I have time to explain on this blog. Second, she's just a genuinely wonderful human being. She thinks I'm funny, which is good because I have a very weird sense of humor. She doesn't beat around the bush with me, which is also good because honesty is important. And she always gives me the benefit of the doubt. Even when I have made a completely ass out of myself, she doesn't hold it over my head (thank god).

Most importantly, while Megan is the best person to share her story, I think we can all take a page for her book. Our senior year of college she experienced a series of health issues that held her back a year in school. These same health issues also completely derailed all of her future plans. Working 60 hr weeks at a highly competitive accounting firm was just not going to be an option like she had originally thought. Now, I'm not saying this transition was easy, but this amazing woman completely reinvented herself after she graduated from Rhodes and I think she's one of the bravest people I know for doing it. 

Currently Megan is becoming (has already become? I don't quite know the timeline on this because I'm the worst ever) a yoga instructor. She teaches some classes at the yoga studio in Auburn and even has a private client. She is dating this really great guy, I mostly like him because he teaches me new things about fish and salamanders and nature anytime I visit (he's getting his masters in fisheries at Auburn right now), but also because they make each other very happy in a very real way. 

What a great family
Most importantly, she has the cutest dog in the whole wide world named Heidi. I pretty much flooded everyone's facebook feed with pictures of Heidi all weekend. Oops...

We spent a lot of time around a fire pit this weekend so, inevitably, there was a lot of talking about life. I feel so thankful not only for Megan, but for all the people that I spent time with this weekend. These are good people and I am so glad that we are all still making time for each other.



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