Baby Brother Goes to Peru

About half a week ago my baby brother left for one of the most awesome, and most awesomely hard, years of his life. Through a series of events this past spring that had absolutely no control over (I swear!) Daniel decided to spend a year as a YAV in Peru. OK, so maybe I encouraged him to explore the YAV option, but I by no means forced him to do it!

Anyway, one of my best friends (Daniel, don't blush!), and one of the few people who pretty much has to love me, moved across the world 5 days ago. I am really excited for him, but I'm also kind of sad. I know, some of you who have known the Pappas children our whole lives are probably surprised to hear this, but it's true! For some reason or another Daniel is one of the few people that I actually trust with life things. Maybe he has just learned to pretend to care out of personal safety (what?! I was like 23 the last time I actually tried to punch him, that was almost a whole year ago), but I like to think he probably is fond of me as well. This is kind of a miracle. Here is why:

Things I Have Done/Do to Daniel on Purpose:

  • asked my parents to return to him to the hospital a week after he was born
  • play hide and seek and let him hide for about as long as possible
  • knock out his loose front tooth because he was too afraid to pull it (he didn't even see it coming, I just socked him right in the mouth)
  • put gum in his freshly cut hair because he was being annoying and we were trapped in a car for about an hour together
  • nicknamed all of his girlfriends. Every. Single. One. (which may be why he's done that to my past boyfriends)
  • beat him in BP multiple times
  • make fun of him for eating pizza with a fork
  • make fun of him for exercising
  • make fun of his choice in beverages
  • make fun of him for being 'so cool'
Things I have Done to Daniel on Accident:
  • flick salsa in his eye
  • inflict bodily harm
  • embarrass him in front of his friends (I swear, that was never on purpose)

I guess the accident list is much shorter than the on purpose list, but that's siblings for you. So yes, it is kind of a miracle that we are friends now. But we've also supported each other through all sorts of things. Break ups, break downs, forced bonding with extended family, all the things! I can't imagine anyone else in my life who can handle me the way Daniel can. That's family for ya.

Listen, he's really excited to be in Peru and I'm so happy for him, really I am, but I don't want him to get too comfortable! He has to come back to America because what is a sister to do without her baby brother?

Until then, I will follow his blog and you should too: Daniel's Really Awesome Blog 



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