Performing Under Stress

During my YAV year our house spent a lot time talking about, identifying, and addressing anxiety. We did this on a micro and macro scale, talking about our individual triggers, as well as recognizing societal anxieties. Anxiety is now comfortably seated in my vocabulary and I like to think that I at least have an idea of what triggers my own anxiousness.

So the good thing about anxiety is that it can drive you. Or at least, it drives me. Which is great because I am starting one the busiest weeks of my year. Let me tell ya'll, I perform awesome under stress. I go into machine mode and get high quality work done in record time. I take after my father in that way. Unfortunately I'm not the most pleasant person when I'm in work mode, but dammit I get things done!

This week I have two very important things happening. The first is for my presbytery job. We are having our first youth committee meeting since I started the job in August. I've done a lot of prep work for this, a lot of this meeting will set up parameters for how I do my job while I am employed by the presbytery. So no pressure or anything.

The second is for Project Homecoming. We are having our Second Annual Gala: A Decade of Difference (I came up with the theme!) this Saturday, January 24th. This event is a culmination of the work I've been doing since August. At Project Homecoming I've been spending about half of my time recruiting for our Summer Youth Mission Program and half of my time getting parts together for this fundraiser. I am technically overseeing the silent auction, but I have been helping with everything from creating signage to recruiting volunteers to acquiring an a/v system for the evening. We are officially in crunch time. I spent today getting my life together for the rest of the week because I'm expecting long hours through Saturday. Sometimes being an adult is... stressful sometimes.

That being said, the event is going to be amazing. We have a chef from Mr.B's Bistro coming in and catering the event, the Brass-A-Holics are playing a two hour set, I even managed to get some awesome packages put together for the silent auction. Oh! And an open bar. It's well worth the $50 to come.

Also, did I mention my parents are coming into town to attend the gala? Yeah. The other good thing about stress is that I clean lots of things. Don't worry mom, the house is pristine. I am so happy they will be in town to support me and also to buy me dinner and brunch, amiright?

I will have lots of fun things and pictures after this week! Promise!

Wish us luck!



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