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So, here's the thing. I grew up reading. In fact, I was once scolded in elementary school for reading instead of doing other work. My dad read me the hobbit when I was about the size of a hobbit (which for me was about age 7). Books are an integral part of my life. I have a kindle, and I read a lot of books on that, however I still believe in the magic of hard copy books. Here is a run down of the books that currently live with me in New Orleans:

American Gods & Anasazi Boys- Neil Gaiman (it's a double feature fancy hard back)
Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn
Help, Thanks, Wow - Anne Lamotte
Traveling Mercies- Anne Lamotte
Bossy Pants- Tina Fey
Dallas Noir- Assorted Authors (short stories)
Year of Plenty- Craig Goodwin
A Dance with Dragons- George R.R. Martin
Orange is the New Black- Piper Kerman
Dreamcare: A Theology of Youth, Spirit and Vocation- David F. White
The Best American Essays 2013- Assorted Authors
Assholes: A Theory- Aaron James
Joyland- Stephen King
Tiny Beautiful Things- Cheryl Strayed
New Stories from the South (2010 edition) - Amy Hempel and assorted authors
The Roald Dahl Omnibus
Cities of the Plain- Cormac McCarthy
Dorwn- Junot Diaz
This is How You Lose Her- Junot Diaz
Voices from the Peace Corps- Jack and Angene Wilson
The Discipleship Study Bible
Eat to Live- Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
Sustainable Youth Ministry- Mark Devries (actually this one is on the way right now)

I have to be honest, I haven't read all of these all the way through. I took This is How You Lose Her on a youth trip I was chaperoning and realized very quickly that I would be in big trouble if any nosey 6th grader decided to read over my shoulder. Some of these I have read more times than I can count (American Gods, I'm lookin' at you). And others of these I've read pieces of (The Roald Dahl Omnibus is about as big as you would imagine, amazing short stories, amazing large compilation).

Got any questions? Want to recommend something? Better yet, know of a good audiobook I can listen to on my 8 hour drive to Dallas for Thanksgiving, let me know please! Comment here. Email me. Text me. Send smoke signals. They are all totally viable options.

Happy reading!


  1. Please tell me you have read The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Clairborne

  2. Actually I haven't. I'm assuming you recommend it? haha


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