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So, even though this blog was supposed to last the duration of my YAV year, I got a stern lecture form my father about how I haven't been writing enough. I know that he doesn't really consider blogging writing (at least not the kind he wants me to do), but I like it. So I'm gonna keep doing it.

Yes, the title is also the title of an Avett Brothers song. And yes, it was on purpose. I had the privilege of going down to ATX to help surprise my dear friend Becca for her engagement this past weekend. Because, apparently, we are now getting old enough to be engaged.

For those of you who don't know, and even for those of you that do, Katie, Caroline, Becca and I have been running around together since 7th grade. Katie was my guide when I came to visit Parish, she kicked Connor in the shins and almost got a detention from Ms. Jenkins. Caroline and Katie have been very good friends, where ever Katie went, Caroline was sure to be there as well. 

Becca was my buddy for my first year at Parish. I'm pretty sure her job was not only to be my friend, but also to try and help me stay out of trouble. While the first worked out pretty well, I don't know if she really held up her end of the second part of that. There has always been plenty of trouble to go around between the four of us. 

When my family was in a very serious car accident, all four of them in the hospital in some capacity, Katie and her family took me. For a little over a week Katie, her brothers and her parents gave me the stability and comfort I needed to get through one of the scariest times of my life. Don't get me wrong, there were a million people who came in and helped, but the McBees kept me for a bit helping at least some part of my life stay normal.

During volleyball season, when we would get back from games at 11 or 12 at night, Miss Stockdale had the guest bed ready for me. They lived about 10 minutes from school, as opposed to my 30 minutes, so I would crash there for the night and get a little more sleep than if I had to drive all the way home and back to school early the next morning. There's a reason Miss Stockdale is still in my phone as Momma Stockdale. 

As for Caroline, she notices everything. Seriously, nothing gets past her. I love to people watch and I've never met someone who loves it even more then me. I like to think that Caroline has been the glue for the four of us. Freshman year of high school Caroline transferred to Ursuline Academy, but she somehow managed to get invited to every major dance, went to all of the footballs, and basically might as well have been at Parish for high school. In the beginning, in middle school, I knew her as Katie's friend, but when you spend 12 years with someone, they are bound to become a lot more than that. She has definitely been the most patient with all of us, I would consider her the steadying force.

As Becca put it, we all balance each other out. We all bring something to the table that helps keep things level. 

I could go on and on, telling the best stories  with the four of us, however I think these pictures will tell you plenty. Here's what I will say, I hope that everyone gets to have a least a couple friends as great as these women. Also, if you ever have the chance, go sit on the Stockdales' roof and wait for the sun to rise. It's pretty amazing, especially with good company.

First, here are the pictures from the actual engagement. The four of us haven't all been in the same place since new years eve my junior year of college. 

What a beautiful rainbow maker. Amiright?

Thank to Katie, I was made official photographer. Which
basically meant that I sat in the bushes, which got in front of the lens so
I didn't really get any good pictures of the actual proposal.

From left to right: Maggie, one of Becca's sorority sisters, Abbey, one of Becca's other sorority sisters. Both equally awesome. Caroline, Ashley, Becca's cousin, Katie and myself.

Reunited, and with a view no less!

This panoramic, featuring Caroline. Katie shoved her at just the right time…

And now, for a nice trip down memory lane. I have known Katie, Caroline and Becca for half of my life.
Senior Prom

Senior Prom
Senior year Becca and I made t-shirts for every home game. Every single one. 

Here's another one

So this picture has me, katie, Emily Weaver and Caroline in it. Becca was on the trip, but she had to leave before we all decided it would be a great idea to climb in a  fountain for a group picture. 

Becca and Katie, homecoming our senior year.

Senior year graduation

Graduation w/ Katie

Graduation w/ Becca
Finally, the most photogenic we have ever been in.

Becca, thank you for getting married and giving us all excuses to miss work and be together again. Er… I mean, congratulations on your engagement! But seriously, Ross has always been a good guy, but I knew he was an especially amazing guy when he thought to include us 3 in his plans. I am so excited for you and I can't wait for all of the fun this year has in store.


P.S. Becca's not the only person who left the weekend with some new jewelry…Thank you for enabling me, Katie and Caroline...


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