So, what's does it all mean anyway?

Well ya'll, I'm about a month out of my YAV year and I'm still trying to figure it out.

I think being a YAV is a lot of different things. It's about taking advantage of the opportunity to experience a new city. It's about learning to live with 7 strangers. It's about seriously thinking about your relationship with God. It's about not only doing, but being. It's about growing. It's about being uncomfortable. It's about taking the time to understand the history of where you are. It's about meeting new people and trying new things. It's about learning from others.

One of our first group pictures of our year together

So that's a good start, but what what does it mean to me? To me, being a YAV is eating po-boys at Parkway. It is family dinner with fresh vegetables from Jess's gardens. It is learning about the prison system and gun violence and seeing how that effects the city I live in. It is hearing stories about Hurricane Katrina. It is about early morning runs in uptown, or afternoon strolls down St. Charles. It is about taking advantage of as many happy hours as possible. It is about croissant dates with Valentine. It is about taking the plunge and joining a ceramics class. It is about seeing God is all of these little moments, like when you're driving over the bayou, or sitting in a hammock on the north shore. It is about being thankful for all the ways God continues to touch your life. And honestly, that doesn't even really scratch the surface of it. I am thankful for my year as a YAV. I now have a better way of communicating with others. I have grown to love this amazing city. I was gifted with an amazing opportunity to pursue a career that I am excited about. I continue to nuture friendships, as well as sprout new ones.

Scavenger hunt circa August 2013

One of my first adventures around the YAV house
was to Plum St. snowballs with Jess and Hannah.

While many parts of my life are the same, many parts are very different.

I have downsized my number of roommates to two. I would not have met these two goobs if we hadn't all ended up being YAVs together. There are a lot less dishes in the sink, and there is more space. I don't mind it.

These two, to be exact.
I have a bedroom that is mine. It is nice to have a room that is all my own. Well I say that, I really just traded one roommate, Kayln, for another, Penelope.

This quilt is made of different shirts from church functions I attended
 in junior high and high school. I'm glad I finally figured out a way to properly show it off.

I have an adult desk, complete with monthly calendar.
Because I am all grown up or something.

Cpt. Penelope 'Nelly' Darcy

Even though she can't talk, she is pretty entertaining.

Kalyn, she can never replace you, but she is pretty stinkin' adorable...

 My jobs are a little different. I now work part time for the Presbytery of South Louisiana as the youth coordinator. We have a retreat coming up September 12th. Keep me in your prayers, because it's going to be an adventure. I am continuing to work at Project Homecoming. This time around I'm doing more volunteer recruitment. Also, this time around, I'm getting paid hourly. That's a nice addition. I will continue to help with the gala at the end of January.

I am eternally grateful for a year that helped mold me and introduce me to this awesome city. I am so happy I get to continue figuring out New Orleans and where I fit into all of it. And don't you worry, I plan on taking ya'll along for the ride. Year One at Zimple Manor was great, I can't wait to see what Year Two at Cortez Estates has in store.



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