Running of the Bulls at San Fermin in Nueva Orleans

Well, that title is a mouthful! Today is the annual running of the bulls. Basically a bunch of people (aprox. 17,000 this year) get up and head to the French Quarter at about 7 in the morning. I was up at at the Beinville house by 5:50 this morning. Yup, we began to socialize at 5:50 this morning. After a delicious breakfast we all went down to the French Quarter to get ready for the run.

Now, as for the run, basically all of the local roller derby teams register as the bulls. With all of us lovely spectators in white doing the running. The derby girls carry around plastic bats and swat at people as the skate through the massive crowd. I think it's near impossible to avoid getting swatted at least a couple of times. Thankfully, unless you're really egging them on, none of the bulls hit too hard. The route was about 1.25 miles long. We started as a big group, but all got separated pretty quickly. Basically you just go with the crowd. You can run if you want, or you can be like me and briskly walk with a friend (thanks for stinking with me JP!). 

This is definitely one of the more New Orleans events I have participated in, right behind watching a Saints game at a local bar and Mardi Gras. Not only was there an opportunity for some serious people watching, but so many people were up and running (literally) by 8 AM. In all white outfits with red accents. I love this city.

Heading to Bienville bright and early!

Pre-race meet up, notice all the white and red

Like I said, great people watching. And yes, that is a stuffed raccoon.

Emily is getting her mind (and butt!) ready for what is about to happen

The rolling Elvi

The walking band for the event

Here we are, all pledging allegiance to this saint of Running of the Bulls… or something

Bull horns pt. I

Bull Horns Pt. II

Bull Horn Pt. III

One of those whacks I was talking about

We survived!

Me post event. Still smiling even though I was hot, extremely sweaty and definitely tired

- Alex


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