Where I Let You Know My Life Plans

Wow, June has been a crazy month and it's only the 18th!

First things first,

Chicago Wedding Fun...

A couple of weekend ago my cousin Anthony got married. Let me tell you, so much fun. We spent the weekend in Chicago celebrating. Seriously, lots of celebrating. I'm gonna keep this brief and picture filled because I have a lot of updating to do! So, here's Chicago:

This awesome fountain down by the Navy Pier

The wedding venue, pretty amazing right? It was beautiful.

Because my father can never avoid a great photo op with weirdly shaped food

Family take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Cousins take 1

Take 2

Take 3
Anytime I get to hangout with my family, it's a good time. Also, Chicago is kind of wonderful. It was nice to hang out in the upper 60s, as opposed to the heated sauna that is New Orleans. There was a photo booth, a funny shaped bread. Anthony and Jean's vows were wonderful and heartfelt and man, those two love each other. Like I said, a great weekend and I was happy to celebrate a couple that is so crazily in love. Congrats Anthony and Jean!

The Part Where I Tell You About My Life in the Fall...

Now, onto things back in New Orleans. I am happy to officially tell everyone what I will be doing in the fall. I have been hired as the Youth Coordinator for the Presbytery of South Louisiana. I will be working to get some presbytery wide youth programming off the ground down here. I will also continue working at Project Homecoming. So, I am definitely staying in New Orleans. Now all you people who promised to visit, but couldn't get around to it, you have another whole year to plan those trips. I expect a million visitors. No pressure.

Nice logo, amiright?

Oh yeah, and I'll be living with this two weirdos in the fall. Just kidding, they don't think I'm totally crazy, so clearly it was meant to be. Once you go YAV you never go back? Yeah, I suppose so. I'm very excited. The fall is going to be an awesome, new, exciting adventure and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Alyssa and Anna Leigh and Alex, so we need some cute house
nickname that has to do with As. Suggestions are welcome.

*Andddddd I preached for the first time on Sunday. If you would like a copy of my sermon, let me know. I'll send it your way.*

Throwing it all the way back...

On a completely separate note, here's this great throwback of my parents in Australia. Aren't they so great?



  1. Did they not record the sermon?! No fair!!

  2. Well supposedly once Amelie is back it will be posted on Lakeview's website. At least, that's what Barrett told me. I'll share the link once I see that it's up.


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