Sunburns and Harry Potter in Florida

Hey folks! It's been a month. Whoops. Things are busy here (go figure). I had this blog all planned out in my head when I get back from Chicago three weekends ago, but since I'm a bum and didn't actually type it out the topic of that blog has escaped me. Instead I will tell ya'll about the awesome multi-YAV site retreat in Florida a little over a week ago.

So, Thursday April 10th Sister Helen Prejean came and spoke at The Chapel of the Holy Comforter (where I work for UNO stuff). She was an amazing speaker, she is an advocate against the death penalty. Not only did most of the YAV house come there was also some support from the Lakeview crowd. It was great.

Directly after sister Helen, we all headed out to Florida for a giant YAV region/retreat. Not only was New Orleans present, we also spent time with Miami YAVs, Nashville YAVs and Atlanta YAVs. All in all there were about 20 of us hanging out in this big house on a cove in Florida. There was a rooftop porch perfect for sunbathing. There was also a dolphin sighting and fishing. Lots of porch sitting. It was wonderful. Also I reread the first Harry Potter book. What a wonderful book! I can't believe it's been over 10 years since I read it.

The retreat was a wonderful way to reconnect with other YAVs. It was nice to share 'war stories' and talk about all of our experiences. I think being a YAV is very unique, so it was nice to have someone who could relate even if they were in Atlanta, or Nashville or Miami. We shared meals together, had devotional and also had the chance relax. It was wonderful. Check out the pics.

View from the rooftop porch also known as heaven

Had to jump Layne's car our first morning there. 

Alyssa taking int he view from the rooftop

Suyeon was in my small group at YAV camp. We got to reunite over the trip!
She's wonderful and we had a great time catching up.

My terrible sunburn. I look like a sad frat star.

Sunset on the cove.

Road trip buddies. Also future (and current) housemates. Here's the planning for fall of 2014!

Take 1 of the whole group on the retreat. Thankfully Michele has
this awesome camera that take wide shots. So we all fit in.

A little closer and harder to see everyone, but I love this one the most.

The New Orleans YAVs (minus colleen, she had to go to a wedding and missed the retreat :( )

Also, on a completely separate note, I officially got a pretty name tag on my locker at ceramics class. That means I'm officially a regular. I am so thankful for this wonderful community in New Orleans. They are truly wonderful people. And I get to make cool stuff, like mugs and clocks and platters.



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