Project Homecoming's 1st Annual Gala

So, I know this is not the norm, but you all get two posts in one week! Yay!

So, when I'm not cross-stitching, I have been helping plan Project Homecoming's Gala. It's the first year we have had a gala and let me tell you, it was quite the undertaking. Seriously. I can say that the past two weeks we have been in serious crunch mode over at the ProHome office. For anyone who has helped plan a big fundraiser, you know what I'm talking about. I imagine I looked like a zombie all last week, mostly because pretty much all my housemates looked mildly concerned for me throughout the week.

Below are a million pictures. The lighting was kind of weird, but just look! So much fun!

Karin, on the left and Kelly, my awesome supervisor and party planner 
extraordinaire, in the sequined jacket

Karin and JP, one of our work-site managers, both of these people were huge supports leading up to and at the event.

First NBC bank in the central business district, also known as 
our venue for the evening. Amazing, right?

Some of the silent auction items at the event.

Devin and Evan (a YAVA who stayed in Nola and is an Americorp at Project Homecoming)

Kevin, Director of Operations, doing a short presentation to kick the night off.

Anna Leigh and the Backstrom's, her host family in New Orleans this year.

Rachel, an Americorp Work site manager, Kelly and friends.

Marid Gras indians were a part of Cha Wa, the band for the evening.

Project Homecoming photo op.

Some guests dancing the night away.

Phil, one of the important people who does the construction things (I believe the appropriate title is worksite manager) and his lovely wife, Lauren (also a YAVA, she worked at Project Homecoming during her YAV year, where she met Phil!)

Anna Leigh, Phil and Quint look supah fine.

And guess what, the gala was a hit! Seriously, what a successful evening. This year Project Homecoming has been restoring Professor Longhair's home (he's a big deal in New Orleans music, but also in music in general, go check him out on youtube), the professor passed away in 1980, but his  daughter Pat still lives in the house, so one of the exciting parts about the gala was celebrating the (almost) completion of the 'Fess house. There is currently a living New Orleans music legend, Dr. John, who worked with Professor Longhair. Again, someone who is really big in New Orleans, and is also very well known in smart music circles. Also, he was featured as a quick fire judge on Top Chef: New Orleans about half way through the season. Not only did Dr. John make an appearance, he played a few songs! Talk about a successful night.

Dr. John on the piano

Some guests with Dr. John. Nice hate amirght?

Some thank yous are in order.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. Seriously, without all the lovely ticket buyers, there would be no gala.

Thanks Project Homecoming people who got roped into helping with everything from making decorations to calling up business for silent auction donations to moving tables to ironing table clothes to helping during the event to just being supportive of me and Kelly the last couple of weeks.

Thanks to the band (Cha Wa) and to our chefs (Jessie and Sarah). Seriously, way to take a baby event and run with it and help make it big. Also, thanks to the bar tenders and Jim for taking care of that.

Thanks to the Nola YAVs, the whole house came and had a blast and were so supportive. Special shout out to Colleen for pouring beer and helping sort the auction items.

Thanks Laura, you don't even work for Project Homecoming and you helped out so much. Way to give me and Kelly some direction and a place to start from and just everything all along the way.

Finally, Kelly, you are a rock star. Not only did you pull this event off, you have always had my back. I feel blessed to work with such a motivated, strong woman. Seriously, I couldn't ask for a better supervisor. Now, go treat yourself to a massage. Really. You've earned it and then some.

Here's one final picture. I was pretty busy I think this was actually the 
only picture of me from the evening. Next year I will just have to come back as a guest :)



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