A Bitty Update

Yes, it's been a couple of weeks. I apologize. It's not that I've been lazy! It's just that I've been prioritizing. Seriously! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. My whole family is coming. We will all be feating at the YAV house with four of my housemates and a couple of other friends who happen to be in the crescent city this Thanksgiving. As the weather gets colder my list of activities gets longer. I've joined a 6 week ceramics class. Hopefully I can some how scrounge up the funding for it to be longer than 6 weeks (Christmas is right around the corner… just saying…) because it's the best thing that I've done in a really long time. I've also touched base with Alexander's cousin, who is also an SMU alumni, who is in the area and I've been going over to visit. Add to that all the YAV things and my calendar is getting crazy full, super fast. So, I promise to go more in depth sometime soon, until than here are a bunch of post Halloween (and Halloween) pictures to hold you over:

Happy Halloween from us to you!

This is in the cemetery where Marie Leavau is buried.

At Zimple Manor, we are rockstars at cuddling.


This is what happens when you leave your phone out at Friendsgiving.

No shave November is in full swing apparently. Alexander, you look like a werewolf.

Anna Leigh is mad.

So, so mad.

Alyssa began the search for a boyfriend. Her options are pretty stellar if I do say so myself.

As you can tell, anything goes if it's on my phone. Hope this will tide everyone over until  I give a nice long Thanksgiving update. Oh, and Alexander comes in about a week and a half. So lots of fun things right around the corner!


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