The Biggest Spider I Ever Saw

October is kind of a crazy month ya'll! First, you all know about the wedding, I won't go into that. BUT this last weekend I went out to Feliciana retreat center along with my fellow YAVs to attend the Presbytery meeting. Let me tell you, I'm not a big fan of meetings. After about an hour and half my eyes start to glaze over and, apparently, I develop a look of distaste. If anyone ever sees that look, I swear it isn't on purpose. I'm just processing information while also wishing I was taking a nap. All of that being said, I really enjoyed the Presbytery meeting. We got to meet lots of people from PSL and our site co-ordinator, Layne, preached for her final round of ordination examination. While technically us YAVs can't vote because we aren't elders in PSL, I know all of us YAVs said a big "AYE" when they asked for a vote on Layne's ordination. It's kind of awesome what she gets to do. The Presbytery of South Louisiana has decided that Layne's position as a YAV site coordinator is a position for an ordained pastor! This is a big deal, and very telling of PSL's support for the YAV program. A lot of YAV site coordinator work as part time, or are funded by other programs (like DOOR), so it's kind of a big deal that Layne's job is not only full time, but is now considered an ordained position. You go Layne! She's a total bad ass and her statement of faith rocked my socks off. Did I mention I shed a few tears when her mother-in-law (who is also an ordained Presbyterian pastor) said the closing prayer for Layne? Well I did. Happy things make me cry, go figure.

After Presbytery all of us YAVs hung out and explored what the camp has to offer. While some people were off canoeing, rock wall climbing, and participating in a faith walk, Jess and I wandered around the entire camp grounds. While we were doing that I almost ran into this little fella... (*WARNING SPIDER AHEAD*)

Maybe he wasn't so little. I have no idea what kind of spider this is, all I know is that it was about as big as my palm and that I almost walked right into it. Nothing like adventures in the great outdoors!
It takes about 2 1/2 hours to get from New Orleans to Feliciana. Since we took the YAV there to save on gas, some of my housemates got a little loopy from the confined space...

This coming weekend I'm heading back to Feliciana to help with a Presbytery of South Louisiana youth retreat. Gonna get some fun, enriching time with 'the youths' as I've so affectionately been calling them. We will spend lots of time together doing things outside. Maybe we will even make smores and sing campfire songs. It's times like these when I wish I had kept with the guitar.

As for tonight, I am heading to see The Lumineers with Anna Leigh and Emily. Fun fact, Emily is in Americorp and graduated from Mizzou. However, her high schools years were spent in the great state of Texas. She was a member of the Preston Hollow Presbyterian Youth Group. I have so many random connections in New Orleans! I swear, every week a new one pops up. To get me ready for the night I'm listening to the Lumineers' Stubborn Love. Click the words to give yourself a listen.


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